Here to Help

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It’s a crazy time right now. In light of the coronavirus, many of you may choose to stay closer to home for the next few months. We hope to do our best to make things a little better for you if we can. We know it’s not time for outdoor flowers and plants quite yet, but if you need a little pick-me-up, you are welcome to come look at the happiness growing in our greenhouses. Feel free to simply stop by and soak up some sun—there is plenty of space for avoiding crowds. We also have a nice assortment of house plants you can take home or give as a gift. We have gift cards you can order online as well. Is it us, or do live green things just make the whole world a little easier to handle?

As landscape experts, we can help make your time in your own backyard more fun and relaxing. Maybe a firepit is in order. How about a patio or outdoor kitchen? Maybe you just need advice for sprucing up the landscape or help getting your lawn in shape. We are ready to give you the backyard retreat you’ve been dreaming about. Just give us a call and get on our schedule. We do just about everything, from irrigation to lighting to rock walls and water features.

Finally, a word of advice from people who love the great outdoors. Get out there. Breathe in the fresh air. Take the dog for a walk. Push the kids on a swing. Throw a line into the water. We truly believe that going outside helps keep us healthy and almost always boosts a mood. It’s why we do what we do.

Thank you for all your support over the years. We’re happy to support you, too.

Let’s go outside.