James Valley Home

Turn your patio into a PARTI-O!
We have the ideas, the products, the team and the tools to make a big difference or a small splash in your outdoor living space.
Let us throw you a CURVE.
Our landscaping professionals can create unique spaces with curved walls, unique patio paver designs, gorgeous landscaping and more.
Your vacation starts NOW.
Stunning landscaping is easy with the help of our Outdoor Maintenance specialists. We can do it all or we can do a little, just get on our schedule and have more fun on yours!
We will ROCK you.
Let our professionals incorporate rock, stone, brick or pavers into your landscaping for lasting beauty and functionality.
A great place to HANG.
If hanging baskets are your thing, our greenhouses should be your thing thanks to rows and rows of colorful combinations.
We like to MIX things up!
Create spectacular outdoor planters with a rainbow of plant and flower colors, textures, sizes, shapes and varieties, or let us create them for you!
We just keep GROWING.
With acres of nursery stock and over 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space, you will find all the plants you could ever need along with professional advice and installation services.
We're PAVING the way.
Our skilled landscape professionals can pave your patio, sidewalks and even your driveway with a wide variety of paver styles and design ideas that can be uniquely yours.

Bulk Product Estimater

Buy in bulk and save on rock, soil and mulch! Use this form to easily estimate your bulk product needs. We have a large variety of mulch and rock and are happy to deliver and install, or you can do it yourself! Because soil becomes compacted, we recommend rounding up. 

*This is an estimate ONLY and actual quantity needed may vary depending on conditions, installation and measuring methods. We always recommend rounding up. 

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Our specialists bring creative ideas, unique solutions and quality craftsmanship to your outdoor living spaces, no matter how big or small.