August Pottery Sale

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August is already here, and that means heat, humidity and lots of reasons to stay inside or hit the pool. It also means our Garden Center has turned its focus from flowers and hanging baskets to bushes, trees and perennials. You’ll find a great selection—and select perennials are buy one get one FREE! We also have pottery on sale and lots of fun yard décor to choose from.  It’s a great way to jump start a new yard or revamp your perennials beds for next year.

This fall, James Valley will be launching the James Valley Smart Watering Solutions water conservation program for people with irrigation systems. It’s a great way to save water AND cut down on watering costs—which have gone up. We’ll be sending out educational information soon, but in a nutshell, our James Valley Smart Watering system conserves water with a built-in water conservation system that shuts down your sprinklers with a “rain-off” sensor that can save up to 24,000 gallons of water a year! If this sounds like something you’d like to find out more about, give us a call and let our irrigation experts get your system lined up!

This time of year, the flowers and bushes in your yard are probably starting to look a worn down, dry and bedraggled, but don’t worry. You can spring them back to life again with a little deadheading and care. If you check out our Facebook page (, you can see some demonstrations on how to properly deadhead your flowers so that they come back beautifully. Our Garden Center manager, Lori, is a pro—and she’s happy to show you how to make your plants look good. Check out our Facebook page and give us a “like” while you are at it—we have lots of fun giveaways!

Thank you as always for supporting us as a favorite locally owned business in Mitchell. Enjoy your August!