Here every day is Earth Day

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Every April the country celebrates Earth Day with clean-up projects, tree plantings, education, conservation and a focus on nature and all things green. At James Valley Landscape Solutions, we treat EVERY day as Earth Day! Our love of the great outdoors and the therapeutic qualities of "going outside" are why we do what we do. Nothing boosts a mood like sunshine. Few things make us smile like basket of pretty flowers. And is anything more satisfying than relaxing in a gorgeous back yard after the lawn has been mowed? 

In honor of Earth Day--today and every day--we leave you with these tips for getting out the door and into nature. Let's go outside!

*Take a walk around your neighborhood, down the street or around the lake trails and take notice of spring coming to life. 

*Grab a camera and capture the beauty of tonite's sunset.

*Relax on the patio, in a lawn chair or a hammock and simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

*Take a few minutes to clean up the litter around your yard, neighborhood or favorite walking route. It feels good to do your part. 

*Celebrate the day by planting a new tree, shrub or perennial in your yard. We have a gorgeous selection!

*Prepare for the upcoming gardening season by getting your garden spot ready.

*Enjoy an outdoor picnic.

*Spend a little time with a good book under your favorite tree.

*Look up at the stars after dark and us an astronomy app to discover the constellations.

*See how many different bird species you can find--robins, cardinals, black birds, finches, ducks, geese are out in full force. 

*If you're an indoor exerciser, mix things up and take your work-out outside. 

Finally, while it's a little early to start planting outdoor planters and pots, it's just the right time to start getting things ready. Stop in and browse our greenhouses and make a plan for your porch, deck and patio with healthy plants from the James Valley Garden Center.