Let's Go Outside

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Green grass, leafy trees, gorgeous flowers...THIS is what we love about June. Summer brings the world to life in full color, and we are ready with fully stocked greenhouses and a huge outdoor nursery loaded with trees, shrubs and perennials. A few things to think about this beautiful month of June:

*The heat is ON, with temperatures forecasted to soar into the high 90s through the middle of June. Watering is critical, especially if new plants, trees and shrubs are trying to take root. It's best to water in the morning or at night with a slow, deep soak. 

*Your lawn will be heathier if you water it deeply, at least one inch every couple of days. This kind of heat often shows stress on your lawn, but don't worry. Grass is resilient if you give it proper care. Don't mow to short, and avoid watering in the heat of the day. 

*Plant some trees in your yard to provide shade and protection for your lawn, your home and your patio/deck areas. We have a great selection and also offer a tree delivery and planting service. 

*Father's Day is June 20 and any dad would love a gift card to James Valley. Other gift ideas include trees, fire pits, bird feeders/baths/houses, outdoor furniture, garden decor and more. Stop by and let us help you find just the thing for Dad!

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