Let's Plant Your Planters NOW!

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Got a May graduation, a spring wedding or you're looking for an awesome Mother's Day surprise? Let our Garden Center experts plant your planters now and they will be big, healthy and beautiful by May--just in time for a great splash during your special spring events! This is also a great solution for retail and commercial businesses. 

Here's how it works: 

*Bring us your planters or talk to us about pick-up and delivery options. You can also purchase planter inserts (highly recommended) or buy planters from us...we have a huge selection. 

*Tell us what you want your planter to look like this summer, and we'll plant all the right plants and flowers to help you achieve that look. 

*Let your plants grow in your greenhouse until May. We'll take care of the watering. 

*Pick up your gorgeous planters in May after all dangers of frost have passed. We can even deliver if you choose this option. 

Costs vary by size, and delivery is extra. Call Lori today at 605-996-8444 and let’s get your planters started!