Order Your Pre-Potted Plants Today!

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So you love the look of gorgeous container flowers on your patio and back deck. But maybe you don't love the work that goes into planting them. Or you don't have the time. Or you just don't quite have that "eye" that turns a bunch of flowers into a serious statement.

You're in luck.

James Valley Garden Center is launching our pre-potted plant program this March, and it's going to change the way you do flowers. Here's how it works:

*We professionally arrange your choice of sizes, colors and sun preference into light weight poly fill containers in March when plants are smaller and easier to handle (the smaller size also saves you 15%!).

*We let your professionally arranged pots grow in our greenhouse until May.

*When you pick up your container flowers on May 1, you will have beautifully established plants that can be immediately displayed in our round, light weight poly fill pots, OR you can slip our pots right into your existing decorative containers.

The program is a win-win for anyone who's not exactly DIY when it comes to putting together stunning patio pots. In addition to saving you time, hassle and money, your plants will get a happier, healthier head start because roots will be established by the time you expose them to the great outdoors.

Place your order and provide us with a pre-payment by March 24 and let James Valley Garden Center add a little punch to your patio this summer. Simply call us at 996-8444 or email lorijvn@gmail.com.