Plant of the Week Promotions

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Through the month of August, we will be promoting some of our favorite perennials as a way to help you get your fall planting underway! Each week will feature a different plant along with a 25% discount. This discount includes all varieties including variations in size and colors. 

While August begins our shift in focus to fall, it is still one of the hottest months of the year. Continue watering and properly fertilizing your trees, shrubs, plants and lawns to keep them healthy as they prepare for the long winter ahead. If you would like help with "winterizing" your landscaping, just give us a call and we can put you on our schedule in September and October! 

Stop by our Garden Center for all the right products designed to control weeds and pests and provide the right nutrients at the right time. We are also here with gardening tips as you harvest your garden produce--be sure to ask any questions! 

Have a great August and enjoy the last of summer! Another favorite season is just around the corner and we are ready with all things fall. See you soon!