Tree Hugger Sale

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Fall is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs, and there has never been a better time than right now at James Valley Garden Center! We’re offering 35% off all tree purchases when you start them off right with soil amendment and plant starter. This will ensure your new trees a strong, healthy start. The soil is warmer now than in spring, and it stays that way long after the air temperature drops, so your new roots have time to become established before the snow flies. Between now and mid-October are the very best times to plant. Here are a few tips on giving your new trees and shrubs a great start:

*Note the plant's mature size and leave enough space around for it to grow to its full size. This is huge (literally). You don't want roots getting into your sewer system, bumping into your house or over-shadowing other plants.

* Dig the planting hole two to three times wider than the pot size. If you shovel the dug-out soil onto a tarp, it will be easier to refill the hole later. Once the hole is the right size, dig in the shovel a few times to loosen the bottom of the hole; this will make it easier for the roots to spread.

* If your plant is in a pot that doesn't pull out easily, use a mallet to gently tap on the sides. If this doesn't work, use strong scissors to carefully cut the pot away.

*Before placing the tree or shrub into the hole, look at it all sides and decide which side looks best. Plant the tree or shrub so that side faces out.

*Follow the directions on your soil amendment and plant starter package.

* Add soil back into the hole and press down lightly and do not pack it down. You want some air pockets.

* Mulch around the planting hole. Two inches is plenty.

* Water your newly planted tree or shrub often until the ground freezes. New trees and shrubs are thirsty and need lots of water to establish those new roots.

*Feel free to hug your trees. We can’t help it, either.