We're OPEN!

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You've been dreaming about getting your fingers back in the dirt since Christmas. Well, trust us, so have we! As of March 13, James Valley Garden Center is officially open for the season (whoo hoo!) and we have a lot to celebrate this year. Our experts in the Garden Center have been busy ordering some truly unique items that will only be available right here. Plus, we have a whole calendar full of events, promotions and fun planned for you this season. You can keep on top of it all by liking our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jamesvalleylandscape/.

Now back to the good stuff. If you are the kind who has been browsing gardening catalogs, drooling over landscape ideas on Pinterest and designing flower beds in your head, you are just our kind. We'd like to help you with some extra inspiration this season, so as you are thinking about warmer days ahead, here are a few things to keep in mind:

*Sustainability is IN, which means we'll be stocked with native, low-maintenance plants, grasses and flowers that can tolerate our temperature zone and provide gorgeous beauty all season long. We'll be happy to help you choose what goes with what and where!

*Blended gardens that combine edibles and ornamentals are all the rage, allowing gardeners to reap the benefits of edible fruits, veggies and herbs while also showcasing gorgeous flowers, ornamental grasses and butterfly-attracting bushes.

*Quality, locally sourced natural materials are the key to today's outdoor design. We have access to some awesome hardscape materials and are happy to help you with designs and installation.

*Trees are not just for hugging (although it's always a good idea). Trees are good for just about everything--including protecting your yard and home from harsh weather, providing us with shade, muffling sound and blocking unsightly views, keeping the wind down, growing fruits and nuts, cleaning the air and preventing soil erosion. They are also incredibly beautiful and calming--and we just happen to have all the best trees for our growing climate right here. We have scheduled tree planting days on our calendar, so the sooner you get on the schedule the better!

*Water features add a feeling of zen to your landscape thanks to that irresistible sound...who doesn't love a waterfall? We are experts in installing backyard ponds, water features, waterfalls and fountains and have all kinds of water plants on order this season!

*Fire is right up there with water, and this year we bring you a whole new line of high quality fire tables designed to run on propane. The middle comes with a cover so you can utilize your table with our without the fire feature. This would be a GREAT idea for Father's Day. Hint-hint.

*Outdoor rooms continue to add value to any home, and we can help you create a stunning outdoor kitchen, relaxing outdoor bar and lounge or even a place to watch the big screen TV under the stars.

These are just a few of the fun things happening in landscape design, and we are excited to kick off the season. Let's go outside!!