We're Open!

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First come the robins, then comes opening day at James Valley Garden Center! If you are looking for signs of spring, come check out the Now Open sign at James Valley—or better yet, come on inside and take a peek at all the great new stuff we have! We're talking pottery, planters, concrete figurines, bird baths, bubblers, solar powered yard art, lights, fairy garden accessories and so much more. We spend our winter dreaming about the sunny season, and we have some great new products, plants and plans to share with you. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with all the fun (we also give away a lot of good stuff).

If you are the kind of person who has been browsing gardening catalogs, drooling over landscape ideas and designing flower beds in your head, you are in luck! We'd like to help you with some extra inspiration this season, so as you are thinking about warmer days ahead, here are a few things to keep in mind.

*According to Turf Magazine, purple is the "it" color of the gardening season. People are into healthy purple veggies and filling their gardens with purple lavender, rosemary and catmint, lining their borders with purple annuals and loving foods like eggplant, purple sweet potatoes and purple cabbage. You'll find plenty of purple power in our garden center this spring.

*Sustainability is always in, which means we're stocked with native, low-maintenance plants, grasses and flowers that can tolerate our temperature zone and provide gorgeous beauty all season long. We'll be happy to help you choose what goes with what and where!

*Use plants as design elements and focal points by going vertical and adding unusual touches to your gardens and your pots. Think about birch branches, decorative ornaments, lights and incorporating a variety of textures, colors and heights.

*Blended gardens that combine edibles and ornamentals are all the rage, allowing gardeners to reap the benefits of edible fruits, veggies and herbs while also showcasing gorgeous flowers, ornamental grasses and butterfly-attracting bushes.

*Quality, locally sourced natural materials are the key to today's outdoor design. We have access to some awesome hardscape materials and are happy to help you with designs and installation.
*Trees are good for just about everything and we just happen to have all the best trees for our growing climate right here. We have scheduled tree planting days on our calendar, so the sooner you get on the schedule the better!

*Water features add a feeling of healthy zen to your landscape thanks to that irresistible sound...who doesn't love a waterfall? We are experts in installing backyard ponds, water features, waterfalls and fountains and have all kinds of water plants on order this season!

*Fire is right up there with water, so let us create an amazing firepit area for you featuring either gas or wood-fueled fire. We have done some really creative work around town and would love to give your back yard a whole new feel.

*Outdoor rooms continue to add value to any home, and we can help you create a stunning outdoor kitchen, relaxing outdoor bar and lounge or even a place to watch the big screen TV under the stars.

If you have a landscape project in mind this year, call now and get on our calendar. We have added more staff and purchased more modern equipment and we are ready to get to work the minute the weather allows. Our work comes with a Job Done Right promise—your job will be done right, we promise! Call or stop by and talk to our experts today.